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12—Week Parent Coaching Curriculum

This intensive and intimate curriculum covers the following topics (and many more): 

  • Generational Patterns

  • Default Patterns

  • Brain Growth & Development

  • Understanding Attachment

  • Understanding Regulation

  • Understanding Connection 

  • Ritual & Rhythm

  • Playful Parenting

4—Week Parent Coaching Curriculum

For busy parents who cannot commit to 12 weeks of coaching, this 4-week plan will serve as a reframe or refresher. We will work together to create discussion topics, with plenty of time for role-playing. 

Single Session Collaboration

Do you have a specific question about your child's behavior and need an unbiased opinion? Need to explore your feelings about your parenting or your child's actions? Call today at 508-507-0797, and let's chat. 

“Elizabeth and I went through the 12-week curruculum, and I learned more about myself in that 3 months than I gained in 4 years of therapy. I'm forever grateful."

—Kelly Thompson

My Approach
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