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There are many reasons that having kids can feel fantastic or terrible, but at the end of the day, there's one great reason to be the best parent you can be: for love.

When our second child was a little boy, he'd often dash away in public places, so I'd say, "Hold my hand so I don't get lost!" One day, my husband and I were holding hands and Connor said, "You hold hands so you don't fall down?" I said, "No, honey, we hold hands for love."


And a family phrase was born. Even now, those big kids (now in their mid-twenties) will sometimes sit on the sofa between us and say, "Hold hands for love." And then we do.

As I contemplated this platform, potential names, and handles, I thought a lot about the phrase "For Love," and I realized that it's the most beautiful reason that we could possibly do anything.


Welcome to the For Love Parent Coach website—I can't wait to be friends. 

In the last  25 years,

I've been a biological mom, a foster mom, and an adoptive mom. The truth is that each parenting scenario can be challenging, but understanding the patterns of our feelings and resultant actions can make life easier for ourselves, our children, and our entire families. This helps not only our immediate families but future generations.


Peaceful and conscious parenting is a commitment to raising children who will later become peaceful and conscious adults.

Curious about attachment theory, emotional regulation, or generational transformation? I can help—schedule a complementary consultation and learn about next steps!

Contact me at 508-507-0797.

Who needs a parent coach?


• Do you wish you could interact with your child calmly and mindfully (without yelling or threatening)? 

•Wish your kids would act right (without drama or meltdowns)?

•Wish you could hit the reset button within your family?

•Need a plan for creating a new parenting reality?

A parent coach can help y
ou gain a fresh perspective on your child/parent relationship and improve your mental health! 


I am a Jai-Certified Parent Coach, a Post Institute Trauma-Informed Coach, and an Active Parenting Coach. I also hold certifications in hypnotherapy and life coaching. 

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